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DD Audio VO-W12a

2 400 NOK / Stykke

A new VO-W12a adds a new dimension to your car′s audio and makes it more vibrant and intense.The VO-W woofers are PA style, high output woofers designed for enthusiasts who want sound quality and high output. By combining design elements from pro audio and high-end car audio, DD has developed a new type of ultra efficient driver aimed at delivering high levels of clean output. The VO-W woofers feature performance refinements like large diameter voice coils, high-energy motors and cast frames. The low moving mass design coupled with tight motor tolerance produces ultra fast transients and high output able to keep up with any subwoofer system, or you can use them as stand alone PA drives. The VO-W Woofers will transform an ordinary system into a concert level crowd pleaser.
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Speaker Size: 12″
Watts RMS: 500-1500
Watts Peak: 3000
Voice Coil Diameter: 3 inch
Voice Coil Impedance: Dual 4 Ohm
Piston Diameter: 10.25 inch
Fs: 39Hz
Qms: 4.381
Qes: 0.439
Qts: 0.399
Vas: 30.301 liters
dBSPL: 88
Xmech: 70mm
Xmax: 8mm
Frame OD: 12.625 inches
Frame OD w/Gasket: 12.75 inches
Mounting Diameter: 11.125 inches (28,25cm)
Mounting Depth: 6.75 inches (17.14cm)
Motor Depth: 3 inches (7.62cm)
Motor Diameter: 7.87 inches (19,98cm)
Magnet Weight: 160oz (4,5kg)
Woofer Displacement: 30.12 cu.ft
Sealed Enclosure: 1.5-2.5 cu.ft (42-70l)
Ported Enclosure: 1.75-2.75 cu.ft (49-78l)

Tekniska data

Storlek på midbas 12"
Effekttålighet RMS 500-1500
Effekttålighet MAX 3000W
Impedans 4 ohm
Känslighet 88
Inbyggnadsdjup 17.14cm
Monteringshål 28,25cm

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